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Of Mice and Mold

March 4, 2007

They cross the world’s great oceans to spill their blood upon the sands of a one day forgotten desert. They perish for a land that is not ours. Their end is one of sacrifice, yet many of them return unsung. Most of them.

The Wounded SoldierThose who return from their call of active duty with the wounds of battle upon them, are promised a caring treatment from our great government along with one of it’s appointed curators, Major General George Weightman. They are given the privilege to stay in the halls of building 18 of the Walter Reed Hospital; the rotting, pest infested, molding infrastructure that houses our heroic wounded.

How devilish that “our boys” are sent to a hell across the globe, and return harmed (mentally and physically) only to find recovery in a wet paper bag. It is a testament as to why so many have come to distrust our great government. They constantly prove that the objective matters over the human element, and that a casualty is statistic; not a human life. It is then us who have to shoulder their great follies for the rest of the world to see.

Their mistakes like this reflect the people of our society in the eyes of every other nation. We can only hope that they can salvage the pieces of their sunken act, before our empire makes it’s great fall.

Kyle W. Sutton