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L’Opera del Christ

November 13, 2006

We all sit and wait, our programs in tote. Each of us looks as though we’ve been summoned for the traditions of baring pall. We sit in our groups, cliques, and self-assigned seats. We can afford to be arrogant to the lower middle-class, for this is God’s time. We wait during a moment of prelude, until the great performer graces us with his majesty.

He speaks to us on the subject of tithing, and of good charity, while he jingles the keys of his Mercedes deep within his Donatella Versace pockets. He adjusts the Rolex on his arm and tells us that the hour of God is at hand. With each droplet of his words we become more and more taken by him. He then goes on to tell us that any woman who exercises her right to choose is in danger of further stoking the fires of Hell, so pray for the troops in Iraq. He says that Muslims are the enemy, for their use of religious radicalism, and prays that serenity is granted unto Eric Rudolph.

When his words are closed he calls the alter open. A group of fourteen year old girls in the scantily clad begin to kneel and cry. Thursday they’ll be pregnant. Only a moment goes by. No one is saved, but he doesn’t care. He must wrap this up so he can reserve a table at Red Lobster. With the bow of a head and the few tricks of a word, the curtain draws. We stand to our feet and applaud. Bravo! Bravo to the artist! Bravo to the words of man! Bravo!

We go home with the need to spread God’s word! But, it must wait, for it is Sunday the day of rest.

Kyle W. Sutton