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May Angels Sing Thee to Thy Rest

November 23, 2006


Robert Altman
20 February 1925 – 20 November 2006

In a world where heroes are scarce, we find it tragic to lose an influence. Today is one of those days.

Director Robert Altman has died. He was 81 years old, and has left behind him a great legacy. He helped make a great impact on the photo-play industry with his innovative ways of directing. His use of overlapping dialogue and improvisation helped push plot lines along with a sense of never before seen realism. His career has been broad, stretching from The Cold Day in the Park, M*A*S*H (for which he won the Academy Award for Best Directing), The Long Goodbye, Thieves Like Us, Nashville, The Player(Nominated for Academy Award), Short Cuts(Nominated for Academy Award), Kansas City, Gosford Park(Nominated for Academy Award for Best Director), and his latest film A Prairie Home Companion.

In 2006 he accepted an honorary Oscar for a lifetime achievement in directing.

In my mind he was one of the greatest. There is no amount of words that can express how his work has shaped my thoughts and feelings about film and the use of dramatic comedy. With M*A*S*H, he taught us that in the midst of hilarity, true drama can shine through. The final result is a strong connection with characters that could usually be very two dimensional. This is a lesson that has stuck out to me as an aspiring maker of films, and I am ever thankful for it.

He has been a major influence in the lives of many young filmmakers, including mine. My condolences go out to his family and friends. He will truly be missed.

Kyle W. Sutton